Welcome to Midas Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We are a leading company for offers you a part time and full time job today.

Mukul BhardwajFounder & CEO

Mukul Bhardwaj worked in Abu Dhabi in the oil andn gas sector with leading global engineering firms. Subsequently he moved back to India and obtained MBA in Finance and Operations from Indian School of Business in 2018.


Our company offers you a Part time/full time job without registration fee because we know our social duties towards our country.

We provide you a fruitful work in which you will be given 6 calendar days of time to fill total 700 forms completely.

Out of 700 forms, even if you make a mistake in 70 forms, then there is no problem, you have to work with 90% accuracy but it is to be cleared that you have to fill total number of 700 forms completely.